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Anti-theft option for all makers

It is suitable for all vehicles with KEYLESS system and works without any inconvenience

Easy to install

Smart Keyless protector is a simple chip that is inserted from both sides of the battery

Low power consumption

The chip has a very low power consumption, which doesn’t decrease the battery life

Constant Protection

The key’s battery is disconnected 3 minutes after the last movement of the key

No Delay

The key will be locked and it will activate without any delay as soon as it detects the motion

No restrictions

After installing the chip, the Keyless Go system will work without any restrictions

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How does key fob protector from SKP work?

Key fob protector is a must-have tool that every car owner should have to protect their vehicles from being stolen. Technological advancements led to the invention of a passive keyless entry system that offers comfort to customers but opens up doors for thieves to steal cars without much struggle. 

It allows the owner to open and start the car without taking the key out of the pocket, as the key constantly sends the signal. However, this also increases the chances of car theft as the car can be unlocked easily. Key fob protector has a motion sensor and acts as a signal blocker when the key is motionless. Hence, when you are asleep at home, sitting in a restaurant, or just keeping your car in a parking lot, you can rest assured that no one will be able to steal your signal if you keep the key motionless.

How does key fob protector from SKP work?

What makes key fob protector from SKP unique?

If you search for devices meant to prevent relay attack car thefts, other than the Smart Keyless Protector device, you will come across multiple devices such as a Faraday box, signal blocking pouch, and vehicle key case. This also highlights the importance of protecting cars with passive keyless entry systems.

However, when it comes to keeping your car safe, it is always worth getting the most reliable device. Key fob protector is the best solution against relay attacks as it provides flawless performance in terms of car protection without sacrificing the benefits of a passive keyless entry system. This system was invented for a better experience for car owners, and the SKP device will give you this comfort without sacrificing your car’s safety.

What makes key fob protector from SKP unique?

What is a relay attack, and why you should be cautious of it?

Relay attack exploits the weakness of keyless entry systems and helps thieves to steal cars without much effort. The keyless system allows seamless unlocking and engine start-up via a simple signal sent through Bluetooth or radio frequency identification (RFID). In order to make sure that your car doesn’t stay open while you are asleep, manufacturers keep the range between 5-20 meters. 

However, the Signal Extender device (that is meant for thieves), as the name suggests, allows thieves to extend this signal and open your car even if the key is not within the range. Key fob protector has a 100% protection rate while your key is motionless, as the Signal Extender device cannot catch the signal if it is not transmitted.

What is a relay attack, and why you should be cautious of it?
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Very easy installation, the product works perfectly
– Martin Steinborg
Very fast shipping, the device is perfect, everything works as it is advertised
– Olga Zawadze
Arrived the other side of the world 4 days earlier than expected. Fitted 15 minutes and it worked exactly as said it would. What more could you ask……. Awesome service.. Thanks guys.
– John Prest
It’s a pretty practical device. They really offer the premium quality they promise!
– Martina D.
Great chip at a good price. Easy installation and simple installation. Shipping and communication with the seller is very good.
– Adrian Sagovac
Highly recommended, the product works as it is advertised. support is excellent
– Mary C. Powell
Super fast delivery. Excellent product, easy to set up and works just as described.
– Martin Šijanec
Good support and extreme fast shipment. Thank you
– Omar Abdelaziz